Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Using despite/in spite of

1. They continued to work despite their exhaustion.
2. He supported the President's policy in spite of strong opposition.
3. Despite being told not to take a taxi, he did.
4. In spite of the constant rattling of the trains outside his window, he is able to sleep soundly.
5. Despite the fact that he woke up late, he still made it to work on time.

Despite and in spite of are similar to even though, although, albeit, and but, which all convey or show contrast. Follow despite and in spite of with a noun, a gerund, or the phrase, "the fact that + clause (subject + verb)"

like this: The following sentences mean the same thing.
a. Despite extreme exhaustion, they worked.
b. Despite being extremely tired, they worked.
c. Despite the fact that they were tired, they worked.

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