Monday, June 8, 2009

get carried away

Last month, on our May 25 blog, we talked about getting caught up in something. Do you remember what to get caught up in something means? If you don't, it's ok; but check out the May 25 blog first before reading on. It's good to review old lessons now and then, anyway.

Getting carried away is similar to getting caught up in something. When you get carried away, you also often forget what you need to do because you're so engrossed, or so interested in what you are doing at the moment. However, getting carried away has an added meaning. It also means that you are doing more than what you originally planned. So basically, the full meaning of getting carried away is doing too much of something because it's so interesting that it's keeping your focus.

For example, you're planning a small party with a few friends; you may be thinking of having a few drinks and a couple of dishes for your small party. However, in the course of planning, the small party becomes a big party and eventually, a huge party with a lot of people, a lot of food, and a live band. So when your friend approaches you and asks you what happened to the originally planned small party, you can say, "Oh, I got carried away. I got excited thinking about having a lot of fun that I ended up doing all this."

Get the picture? When you do more than what you originally planned because you are getting caught up in something exciting, you are getting carried away.

like this:

A: I love taking walks in the early evening when it's not hot anymore.
B: Me too. Today was a beautiful day. It's too bad I spent the whole day inside at work.
A: I thought you were going out to the park for lunch.
B: I was supposed to, but I started this project in the morning, and I got carried away; I couldn't stop.
A: So did you finish it?
B: Yeah, I did.
A: That's good. What about if we walk to the grocery store?
B: On 9th Street? Now?
A: Yeah. Why not?
B: It's nice to take a little walk in the evening, but let's not get carried away. I don't feel like walking 20 blocks.
A: Alright. Maybe next time.

now and then - sometimes
engrossed - focused on something; very interested in something at the moment
in the course of - while; in the process of

Alright, ladies and gents. Think about the last time you got carried away, and just say the sentence and tell the story. Yes, to yourself. "I got carried away when I ... because ..."

Have fun with English!

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