Friday, September 30, 2011

Using even though/although

Even though and although, like despite, in spite of, and albeit, convey contrasting ideas or situations. To use even though and although correctly, we need to add a clause immediately following. A clause always has a subject and a verb.

like this:
1. Even though he was tired, he did the dishes.
2. Although it started snowing, they kept playing.
3. They went to the party even though it was two hours away.
4. The professor let her in although she was already 30 minutes late.
5. He aced the test even though he didn't study.

Punctuation note:
The clause with although and even though is an adverb clause. If the adverb clause starts the sentence, place a comma after the clause.
Even though she was alone, she wasn't scared.

However, if the adverb clause follows the main clause, don't use a comma.
She wasn't scared even though she was alone.

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