Thursday, April 18, 2013

A stone's throw away

Do you recognize the idiom in this cover headline? It's a play on words. A STONE'S THROW AWAY means something is not far, or it's very close. For example, you can say "The beach is just A STONE'S THROW AWAY from my house." This story is about the city's plans to replace the old, hand-cut cobblestones in one section of Brooklyn and replace them with machine-produced look-alikes. The reconstruction is basically to update the road surface, as well as the sewage, utilities, and water pipes underneath and bring them to today's standards. 

This PUN (play on words) is used because the stones are being thrown away, of course. In addition, some of the original cobblestones will be reused along with the new ones, which goes along with the meaning of the idiom--they're not going far. Many of the original cobblestones will be laid probably not too far from where they lie now. We can also say that they will be laid just A STONE'S THROW AWAY from where they are now.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not knowing WHAT TO MAKE OF this allergy season

Trees are in full bloom everywhere, but where are my allergies? Just wondering. 

I'm completely AT A LOSS trying to figure out and explain what happened to my allergies this year. My hay fever never really KICKED IN, and I don't quite know WHAT TO MAKE OF IT. Don't get me wrong; I'm definitely not complaining. In fact, I'm grateful. Winter HUNG AROUND longer than we expected in the Northeastern U.S., so that may have kept the pollen AT BAY. I'm allergic to tree pollen. However, trees are now either in full bloom or sprouting their BUDS, and tree pollen is ON ITS WAY DOWN. Basically, my allergy season is pretty much over, and I only POPPED one single allergy medication back in early March. I'm definitely curious as to what will happen next year.

Have any of you LUCKED OUT this year, as well, and somehow EVADED seasonal allergies? 

AT A LOSS (for words) - don't know what to say or do
KICK IN - activate; start working
WHAT TO MAKE OF IT - what to think of it
HANG AROUND - stay; linger
AT BAY - at a distance; in control
BUDS - young leaves, shoots
ON ITS WAY DOWN - going down 
POP medication - take medication (slang)
LUCK OUT - be lucky
EVADE - not be hurt or captured