Thursday, September 22, 2011

GR - reported speech part 5

In this fifth and final post of this GrammarReminder series on reported speech, we'll look at a conversation between two people and see how both of them report what the other said. For a quick review on how to shift tenses, check out part 1 of this series.

the conversation:
Tom: Hi Sue. How's your new job going?
Sue: It's going really well. There's a lot to learn, but it's not too difficult. Plus, it's fun.
Tom: You know, John asked about youHe was a little worried. He'd heard you'd had some trouble at your old job.
Sue: Yeah? I'll give him a call sometime. It was definitely tough dealing with those people; I'm glad I got out of there.
Tom: Well, I wish you the best in your new job.
Sue: Thanks. So far, so good. Hey, tell John I've been really busy, but I'll give him a call soon.
Tom: Alright. Will do. Nice seeing you again. Take care.
Sue: Thanks. You too.

Later that day, Tom met with his friend, John, and told him about meeting Sue. 
Tom: Hey, I saw Sue today.  
John: Yeah? How's she doing?
Tom: She's doing great. I asked her how her job was going. She said it was going well. She said there was a lot to learn, that it wasn't too difficult, and that it was fun. I told her that you'd been worried about her. That you'd heard she'd had some trouble at her old job. 
John: Uh huh. What did she say?
Tom: She said she would give you a call. She said the old job had been tough and that she was glad she had gotten out of there. I wished her the best, and she told me to tell you that she had been very busy, but she would give you a call soon.

Sue also told her husband about her meeting with Tom.
Sue: I met Tom today. We chatted a little. He asked me how my job was going. He said John had been a little worried about mehe'd heard that I'd had some problems at my old job. I told him to tell John that I'd been really busy, and that I would give him a call soon.

That's it, folks. Remember, practice makes perfect. Please post or email your questions and comments.

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