Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CUTTING BACK on green tea again

Miso soup with tofu, fish, vegetables, & rice and some hot water for dinner.
Cutting back on my green tea consumption for now.

I checked my blood pressure earlier today at a do-it-yourself health machine at Whole Foods. Unfortunately, my reading was slightly high, which meant I was borderline hypertensive again. I'd been working for a few hours, and while I was sitting down the whole time, I was a bit stressed trying to get as much done as possible. Add to this my lack of exercise and my large intake of green tea, which CONSTITUTES about 90 percent of my fluid CONSUMPTION, and it's no wonder my heart is working extra hard. :-|

As in the past, I will start a WORKOUT REGIMEN and CUT BACK on green tea and wait for my numbers to return to normal, and they will. For now, I'll have to settle for hot water with my dinner with perhaps a squeeze of lemon ONCE IN A WHILE.

CONSTITUTES (includes; composes); CONSUMPTION (intake; use); WORKOUT (exercise); REGIMEN (routine that is usually beneficial); CUT BACK (reduce); ONCE IN A WHILE (sometimes)