Sunday, September 18, 2011

GR - reported speech part 4

In this fourth installment of our GrammarReminder series on reported speech, let's look at how to report questions.

There are two main things to remember: first, follow the rules of reported speech outlined in our Sept. 8 post; second, follow the rules of embedding questions--use the question words in information questions, use if or whether for yes/no questions, and invert the placement of subjects and verbs. For a quick review of embedded questions start with our August 23 post.

like this:
1. "Where can I mail this letter?" John asked.
Reported speech: John asked where he could mail this letter.
2. "Why did Sue go to Miami?" John asked.
Reported speech: He was wondering why Sue had gone to Miami.
3. "Does she fly there often?" he asked.
Reported speech: He also asked if she flew there often.
4. "Have they been to Disney World?" he wondered.
Reported speech: He wondered if they had been to Disney World.
5. "When will they get back?" John asked.
Reported speech: John asked when they would get back.
6. "How many kids are going with them?" he asked.
Reported speech: He asked me how many kids were going with them.
7. "Will they be back in time for the party next month?" he inquired.
Reported speech: He inquired as to whether they would be back in time for the party next month.
8. "Are they looking forward to their trip?" John asked.
Reported speech: John asked whether they were looking forward to their trip.

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