Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quick GrammarReminder: It's high time ...

Use the past tense after "It's time someone ...," "It's high time someone ..." or "It's about time someone ..." These expressions mean "the time is now" or "you should do it now."

like this:
1. You should come to Miami for spring break. It's high time you came to visit us.
2. He's currently checking out Masters programs. He thinks it's about time he went back to school.
3. His parents thinks it's high time he got married and settled down.
4. Let's go to a Japanese restaurant. It's about time you tried sushi and sashimi.
5. They signed up for English classes. They thought it was time they learned to speak English. After all, they've lived here for 5 years.

Note: It's about time can also mean "finally", especially when used by itself.
Example: Well, it's about time! We've been waiting for hours!

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