Thursday, September 11, 2014

A nice time watching the U.S. Open final competition

Watching the final game of the US Open in Brooklyn, with Lower Manhattan in the background.

We THOROUGHLY enjoyed the #AmexTennis #USOpen event at Brooklyn Bridge Park early this week. It was a nice VENUE with the Manhattan SKYLINE providing a dramatic BACKDROP. I even SCORED a nice, free picnic blanket which I'm sure we'll use again. I wish I had also gotten the free picnic basket with the sandwiches that came in it; they looked really yummy, and my mouth WATERED just watching people around us eating. :-| Unfortunately, the line was too long, and we would've missed a big part of the game. Now I KNOW THE DRILL; next time, I'll be first in line. :-)
  • VENUE - place for an event
  • SKYLINE - outline of the buildings of a city; view of a city
  • BACKDROP - view in the background
  • SCORED - unexpectedly, luckily get something #slang
  • MOUTH WATERED - salivated; wanted to eat
  • KNOW THE DRILL - know what to do #idiom

The sun finally came out as it was setting, giving us a dramatic image as we packed up to head home.

This was taken as NIGHT WAS FALLING after the game had ended. It had been OVERCAST and had seemed like it was going to POUR, so it was nice to see the sunlight in the horizon finally MAKE IT to us. Nice shot, isn't it?
  • NIGHT IS FALLING - getting dark
  • OVERCAST - mostly cloudy
  • POUR - rain hard
  • MAKE IT - arrive

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