Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A nice, albeit short, honeymoon

New Milford, a quaint Connecticut town we came across and enjoyed visiting on our short honeymoon getaway.

Well, after being together for 7 years, the fiancee and I finally TIED THE KNOT in a small ceremony at the NYC City Clerk's Office. Then the day after we GOT HITCHED, we headed up to Connecticut for a long weekend GETAWAY, where we relaxed a bit and did some exploring.

We had a wonderful time, and we came across a few things that made the trip special. We saw a couple of QUAINT towns with old train stations and abandoned railroad tracks. We CHECKED OUT a couple of small, family-owned wineries, and drove up and down long and winding, scenic country roads. A deer on the roadside GAVE ME QUITE A STIR and got my heart pumping a little. Thankfully, it went the other direction and into the forest. The wife was THRILLED to see some chickens pecking around in an open field around a CHICKEN COOP.

We also enjoyed hiking up a short trail beside some small CATARACTS at Kent Falls State Park. I took a picture of a BROOK upriver from the highest waterfall before we headed back down. It was a beautiful day for a hike. After reaching the FOOT of the hill, we sat down to cool ourselves and enjoy the view.

The BROOK just upstream from the
highest waterfall. 
TIE THE KNOT - get married #idiom
GET HITCHED - get married #informal
A GETAWAY - a short trip away
QUAINT - charming; cute
CHECK OUT - examine; visit
GIVE SOMEONE QUITE A STIR - make someone nervous
THRILLED - excited
CHICKEN COOP - cage; house for chickens 
CATARACT - waterfall
BROOK - stream; small river
FOOT of a mountain or hill - bottom of a mountain or hill

Small CATARACTS (waterfalls) at Kent Falls State Park

Railroad tracks in New Milford that have fallen into DISUSE (no longer used)

Wine CASKS (barrels) at a winery tour 

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