Sunday, September 28, 2014

Warming up to a table-top ironing board

ironing board - image for English lesson with vocabulary
The cover that came with this new table-top ironing board stunk, :-| so we decided to wash it first. This is an old cover.

My wife and I live in a tiny apartment, and every time I BREAK OUT the ironing board to PRESS my shirts, it takes up most of the kitchen area, and she's had to squeeze through a small space just to get to the sink. So, she had been URGING me to SWITCH to a table-top ironing board. At first, I was RELUCTANT to GO ALONG with it; I thought I needed the space of a full-size board and a table-top one would just slow me down. 

Eventually though, I WARMED UP to the idea of using a smaller ironing board, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW! I actually like it! It needs less space for storage; it doesn't really slow down my ironing, and I don't have to block the entire kitchen! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT! :-)

#ESL vocabulary

  • BREAK OUT - take out and use
  • to PRESS - to iron
  • URGE - push; encourage
  • SWITCH - change
  • RELUCTANT - not really want to do something
  • GO ALONG with something - agree
  • WARM UP to something - get used to; begin to like
  • WHAT DO YOU KNOW! - Guess what? #idiom
  • HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT! - It's great, isn't it? #idiom

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