Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy first day of fall!

A pumpkin patch at the supermarket where I shop, displaying some fall colors before the leaves start to turn in our area. 

Pumpkin PATCHES are POPPING UP around town once again, especially in grocery stores and farmer's markets. It's one sign that fall is here! Well, it officially arrives tomorrow. The temperatures in NYC have been gradually going down unlike in past years when summer weather sometimes LINGERS even in October. This time the TRANSITION into autumn is smoother, which is nice. I like it. :-)
  • PATCH - a small piece of land used to grow fruit or vegetables; the produce from this land
  • POPPING UP - appearing
  • LINGER - stay longer
  • TRANSITION - change into something different

Remember that the first day of autumn is also the fall equinox in the Northern hemisphere, which means we're getting about the same amount of day and night hours tomorrow. Technically though, equinoxes actually refer to the PRECISE time (10:29 p.m. EDT tomorrow, Sep. 22) when the earth isn't tilted at all, and both HEMISPHERES are getting equal amounts of sunlight at that very moment. Interesting? I think so. :-)
  • PRECISE - exact
  • TILTED - lean
  • HEMISPHERE - northern or southern half of the earth

I haven't seen any fall FOLIAGE yet in our area, but I'm sure it's coming as the temperatures continue to DROP and daylight hours begin to SHORTEN. This year, I hope to take plenty of nice photos, and now that I'm also on Instagram, I have someplace to share them with you all.
  • FOLIAGE - leaves
  • DROP - decrease
  • SHORTEN - to become shorter

Have a nice fall season, everyone!

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