Friday, June 5, 2009

call it a day

Calling it a day means to stop doing something for today to be continued another day. This is another idiomatic expression that's commonly used. You can say it anytime you want to stop working or studying or practicing something, and you want to finish what you're doing some other day. For example, if you've been studying for a few hours and you want to stop, you can say, "I'm calling it a day. I'm tired; I'll continue studying tomorrow." Your teacher, at the end of class may say, "alright, let's call it a day. We'll continue talking about the War of 1812 tomorrow." Get the picture?

like this:

A: My mom said we should call it a day. She said we need our rest.
B: She's right. We've been studying for 5 hours straight. But we still have two chapters to go over.
A: Well, the test is not until Friday, and it's only Tuesday. We could go over the last two chapters tomorrow and do a review on Thursday.
B: That sounds good. Alright. Let's call it a day. I feel like having some ice cream. Do you have any downstairs?
A: Sure do. Vanilla and Rocky Road.
B: Awesome.

go over - study, review, take a look

Alright folks. Enjoy the weekend. I hope you get to speak as much English as possible.

Have fun!
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