Friday, June 26, 2009

Way cool!

The slang word that I want you to learn today is way. When you use way like this, it means "a lot more" or "very much", and it's often used with either a comparative adjective or the word "too" plus a simple adjective. When you're making comparisons, for example, a person can be way taller than you, or way more intelligent, or way funnier. When you're at the store, you may decide not to buy a pair of jeans because they're way too expensive, or way too tight, or way too short.

Keep in mind that we usually don't use way with just the simple adjective. So you really can't say "way delicious" or "way far", but you can say "way more delicious than" or "way too far". The one exception that I can think of is with the slang word "cool." You can say "way cool," which means "really awesome" or "wonderful" and is a slang expression in itself. Of course, you can also say "way too cool" or "way cooler than". Confused? Let's practice.

like this:

A: I don't like this show. The one we saw yesterday was way better than this one.
B: I agree, but it was way too long. I was getting bored toward the end.
A: I know, but I'd rather watch that one again than sit through this one.
B: You know what? You're way too picky. Just relax it's almost over.
A: Do you want to grab something to eat later?
B: Actually, I'm still way too full from lunch. But I'm sure I'll be hungry again in a couple of hours.
A: Alright. Let's walk around after the show and try that new Chinese place on Broadway.
B: It looks way too expensive.
A: It's not. I ate there last week. It's way cheaper than the place you like on Fifth Avenue.
B: Alright then, let's go after the show. Now, sit still. The show's not over yet.

You probably know that a lot of slang often start among certain groups or communities-- teenagers, surfers, valley girls in California, etc.--and eventually spread and become common everywhere. This is the case with this expression; we think it began with surfer dudes, then young people in general and eventually pretty much everywhere and everyone, perhaps because the surfer dudes and the young people who started it eventually grew up and took their slang with them everywhere. ... and of course, tv and movies also help spread a lot of slang nationwide and eventually worldwide.

picky - choosy, finicky
dudes - guys (slang)

Alright, I hope you try to use way with your adjectives. Ask your friends and your teachers if you're using it correctly, and use it as much as you can.

Enjoy the weekend.

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