Tuesday, June 9, 2009

go overboard

Alright, this one is easy because it's similar to yesterday's expression. When you're going overboard on something, you're getting carried away, which means you're doing more than you originally planned or expected. It doesn't necessarily mean you're getting caught up in something; it just means that you are overdoing whatever activity you are engaged in.

So from yesterday's example, the next time you plan a party, your friends may tell you, "Alright you can plan this next party, but don't go overboard this time. We want a small gathering not a huge ball."

like this:

A: I heard you guys went way overboard on your vacation.
B: Oh yeah. We saw this really nice hotel across the street from ours, so we decided to check in there, instead. Janet went to the spa; I got a massage; We spent way too much.
A: Well, it's good to splurge now and then.
B: I guess. It was a lot of fun.
A: So where are the kids.
B: They're by the TVs. We're getting a new flat screen, just a small one... which means I should go over there before they go overboard and choose a huge one.
A: Alright, nice seeing you.
B: Same here. See you around.

get carried away - do more than originally planned (usually because you're doing something interesting)
get caught up in - stay focused on something interesting that you usually forget what you need to do
overdoing - doing too much
a ball - a big, formal party
way - very much (in this context)
splurge - spend a lot (usually on yourself)
now and then - sometimes

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