Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Are you a CLEAN FREAK?

photo of hand and soap. A clean freak for #ESL vocabulary

I admit I'm a bit of a CLEAN FREAK. I'm often PARANOID about picking up COOTIES from JUST ABOUT everywhere--on the train, in restrooms, from public computers, et al.--so I wash my hands often, probably more so than most people. I probably should LIGHTEN UP a bit; I guess I just think it's BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY.

What do you think? Would you call yourself a CLEAN FREAK? Do you know anyone who is? 

#ESL vocabulary
  • CLEAN FREAK (overly clean)
  • FREAK (a weirdo; a strange person #slang)
  • PARANOID (overly worried)
  • COOTIES (germs; body louse; disease #slang)
  • JUST ABOUT (nearly; almost #informal)
  • LIGHTEN UP (take it easy; don't be so serious #phrasal verb)
  • BETTER (TO BE) SAFE THAN SORRY (better to be safe than regret it later #idiom)

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