Friday, November 9, 2012

President Obama's Victory Speech

POLITICS ASIDE, President Obama's victory speech Tuesday night was an INSPIRING reminder of what it means to rise above the ugliness of political campaigns, the CYNICISM of those who don't believe in what people can achieve, and the FIERCE, MESSY disagreements in a democracy in order to take part in the important work of building a nation that all Americans can be proud of.  I invite you to watch the speech, if you haven't seen it yet, whether you support the Democratic or Republican party and whether you are in the U.S. or abroad. I have a feeling you will also find it INSPIRING and MOVING.

This link from The New York Times also shows the speech together with a transcript, so you can read as you watch and listen.

POLITICS ASIDE - forget about politics; not mentioning politics
INSPIRING - something or someone that makes you want to do or be something
CYNICISM - not believing in the good intentions of others; negativity
FIERCE - strong; angry
MESSY - dirty
MOVING - emotional

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