Friday, November 30, 2012

Taking a break while on vacation!

Well, I've been on vacation this week with one more week to go, and the week has been really great. It's been nice STAYING UP late, SLEEPING IN, not waking up to an alarm clock, and basically just resting. However, it's not all lying down and sitting in front of the tv; I'm definitely getting some work done. Being PRODUCTIVE and getting things accomplished are part of my goals these two weeks.

hauling old electronics for recycling
Small boxes that add up
to quite a heavy load
Among the many things I want to check off my TO-DO LIST is to organize our storage space and eventually move to a smaller storage unit. I've been keeping old air conditioners and OUTDATED electronics and empty boxes because I wanted to DISPOSE OF them properly, and I just don't have the time to do it when I'm working. So I've been HAULING heavy stuff the past couple of days to Best Buy for recycling (btw, it's a great program they have, so I want to give them a SHOUTOUT), as well as to the curb in front of our building--about 13 blocks from our storage unit--to be picked up by the NYC Department of Sanitation (I want to give them a SHOUTOUT, as well). 

Well, doing all this in the cold can TAKE A TOLL on your body, and it has TAKEN a bit of A TOLL on mine. I'm SNIFFLING a bit, my muscles are a bit SORE, so I decided to take a day off. I still need to HAUL a lot of heavy and BULKY stuff from one storage room to a smaller one, but that can wait till next week. 

hauling air conditioners for recycling
Not a pretty picture and
quite heavy TO BOOT
(in addition).
STAY UP - not sleep 
SLEEP IN - wake up late
PRODUCTIVE - accomplish a lot
TO-DO LIST - list of things to do
OUTDATED - old; old-fashioned; can't be used anymore
DISPOSE OF - throw away; get rid of
HAUL - move, usually something heavy
SHOUTOUT - a mention; a recognition
TAKE A TOLL - have a negative effect after a period of time
SNIFFLE - the sound you make when you smell something or when your nose is running
SORE - pain, hurting
BULKY - large; taking up a lot of space

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