Thursday, February 24, 2011

TT4BS - voiced & unvoiced "th"

For this TongueTwisting4BetterSpeech, we're going to practice both the voiced and the unvoiced "th" sounds. To make these sounds, remember to bite your tongue gently, then blow for the unvoiced "th", whereas for the voiced "th", you make the sound in your throat. To review and practice each sound first, go to our Feb. 11 blog for the unvoiced "th" and the Feb. 17 blog for the voiced "th".

Practice these words first:
unvoiced "th": Samantha, thorough, thesis, thought, thinking, threatened, throw, thesaurus, path, thawed
voiced "th": Although, with, their, they, loathed, the, rather, themselves, worthy, this 

Now for the tongue twister. Remember, slowly first emphasizing the sounds; then repeat until you can say it at normal speed three times.
Although Samantha was just thorough with their thesis, they thought she loathed their thinking and threatened to throw her thesaurus on the path before it thawed.

To be thorough means to go through everything without missing anything. For example, when you're cleaning your room or checking your essay for mistakes, you want to be thorough so that your room is super clean or your essay is perfect when you are finished.
To loathe means to hate intensely.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Good luck!
Joe Yu 

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