Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grab a partner, and practice!

We added a new dialog section on tsgs to provide you with some speaking practice. You'll find it on the lower left of the page next to the Try This! exercise. The dialog is based on the story in the exercise and should be practiced with a partner. Read it together several times until you both have it memorized. Then you can act it out, and just talk to each other naturally. With practice, you can do it! 

Here it is:
John: Guess what! I found a job!
Jake: Really! That's great!
John: Finally.
Jake: We knew you'd find something. So where is it?
John: At the local college. I'll be an IT manager there.
Jake: So you'll be doing the exact same thing as in your old job.
John: Just about. Except it'll be much less stressful. It's a smaller organization.
Jake: That's awesome, man. We're happy for you.
John: Thanks.
Jake: Now you definitely won't have to go back to Canada.
John: Yup, I can stay right here.
Jake: That's awesome. Congratulations, man.
John: Thanks, man.

Have fun.
Joe Yu

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