Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big announcement! G2R and TT4BS

Lately, I've been thinking of adding a greater variety of content to the small blog in addition to the English expressions that you've been reading here since May 2009. I've thought of two good, actually, great ideas. One is by blogging about grammar. Let's call this Grammar to Remember (G2R), which will help you brush up on grammar and remind you of how to use it correctly. 

I believe grammar is not everything when it comes to English learning, and you can certainly learn to speak English without concentrating too much on grammar. However, if you want your English to reach advanced levels, if you want or need to speak or write well professionally, for example, grammar is crucial in helping you achieve these goals. I hope Grammar2Remember (G2R) will help increase your confidence in your English.

My other idea is to introduce tongue twisters now and then. Let's call this Tongue Twisting for Better Speech (TT4BS)--This should catch people's attention. As an ESL teacher, I know how challenging certain sounds are to English learners. Tongue twisters are an excellent way to get your vocal apparatus used to unfamiliar sounds and, of course with practice, make your English sound much better.

So, excited? I am. Stay tuned for coming blogs on Grammar2Remember and TongueTwisting4BetterSpeech. I hope you enjoy them and, more importantly, I hope you use them.

All the best.
Joe Yu
the small guide

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