Friday, July 17, 2009

tie the knot

In keeping with our theme of getting older and settling down, from yesterday's lesson, let's practice the expression tie the knot, which means to get married. For many people, an important part of settling down is meeting the right person, making a commitment and tying the knot. If a friend has just gotten engaged, for example, you can ask, "so when are you guys tying the knot?"

like this:

A: Sally and I got engaged this past weekend.
B: Congratulations, man! So when are you two tying the knot?
A: We haven't set a date yet, but we're thinking next summer. That way, she'll be finished with school.
B: That's awesome. Are you going to do something crazy, like get married underwater?
A: We'll do something interesting, but not too insane like John and Christi did.
B: Oh, that's right! They tied the knot while skydiving!
A: Now, that's crazy.

settle down - see yesterday's blog (July 16)
get engaged - make a commitment to get married

Alright folks, enjoy the weekend.

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