Friday, July 10, 2009

just about

Today, let's practice an expression that I've used in past blogs and have featured in the vocabulary sections several times already. The phrase just about is an idiomatic and informal way to say "almost". It can be used in almost any situation or just about any situation.

You can say you're just about ready, or it's just about five o'clock, so it's just about time to go. The temperature can be just about 90 degrees or it can be just about freezing. ... and if it's really freezing, and you don't have a heavy jacket, you can say you just about froze to death, to exaggerate, of course. When you're just about out of clean clothes, then it's just about time to do laundry. See, you can use this phrase with just about everything to mean "almost".

like this:

A: Hey Tom, we're just about out of sugar, right?
B: Let me check. Yep, just about.
A: Alright, I'm going to go get some. Do you want to come to the store with me?
B: I can't right now. I have to finish my work.
A: I thought you were just about done an hour ago.
B: I was, but I found a few mistakes that I needed to fix.
A: Alright, see you later then.
B: Later.

out of - nothing left (see the June 16 blog)

Alright guys, as always, try using this phrase whenever you can and ask your friends and teachers if you got it right.

Good luck and have a great weekend.

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