Monday, July 13, 2009

have/throw a fit

A fit is some kind of outburst or sudden show of anger or strong emotion.
When someone is having a fit or throwing a fit, that person is screaming and yelling because of anger or frustration. Sometimes, we see children throw fits at the supermarket when the parent doesn't get them what they want. They usually lie on the floor screaming and flapping their arms and legs. Adults, too, throw fits when they get so angry they lose control of their emotions. You can tell someone not to have a fit if they start looking angry, and especially if he or she is just being impatient and the anger is unreasonable.

like this:

A: Where's Sam?
B: He's having a fit over there in his office. They messed up his lunch order.
A: Really? That reminds me of my 5-year-old, who threw a fit last night because he wanted to eat spaghetti for dinner.
B: That's funny.
A: Yeah. He finally settled down when we took out the ice cream. But he had to eat his dinner first.
B: That's hilarious. So do you want to meet this afternoon to talk about the project?
A: Actually, I have to get out of here early today. I have a dental appointment.
B: John, we have to get started with this project! We can't keep delaying it!
A: Alright. Alright. Don't have a fit. We can meet for 30 minutes. How does 2:30 sound?
B: 2:30 sounds good. See you then.
A: Alright. See you.

settle down - calm down

Alright folks, enjoy your day.
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