Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New vocabulary exercise

autumn leaves

Episode 10 of our vocabulary exercises is ready, and our story continues with the autumn chill arriving and the trees in the neighborhood beginning to show some yellow and red. There are a couple of new developments in our story. John and Tabitha have set the date of their wedding; they will TIE THE KNOT (get married) in June. In addition, Ted is now thinking of quitting his job. It seems like he'S HAD IT (have had enough) with the stress, just like John in the past.

Check out the following sentences with the vocabulary in capital letters, and head over to our Try This! page to test your knowledge.

1. The athlete realized it was almost impossible to make the team, so he THREW IN THE TOWEL and stopped training. (quit; give up)
2. The coach told the other athletes not to FOLLOW SUIT. They should keep working hard and never quit.  (imitate; do the same thing)
3. Everyone's beginning to feel depressed. It's been OVERCAST for the past 5 days now. (cloudy; gray)
4. His family gives a SIZABLE donation to the museum every year. (a huge amount)
5. The kids are always PSYCHED to go to amusement parks on summer weekends. (excited)
6. They planned on going to Six Flags one weekend. However, since the day was such a SCORCHER, they decided to head to a water park instead. (a very hot day)
7. The family prefers to eat fish and vegetables, but they do eat meat ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. (very rarely)
8. Everyone had a wonderful time at their NUPTIALS; most of their family members flew in from out of town and hadn't seen each other in a long time. (wedding)

Now you're ready to try our newest exercise at the small guide site and see how well you can use the above vocabulary. Good luck and have fun!

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