Friday, May 18, 2012

off the beaten path

I took this photo from an ad by Aruba (the country) on the subway. The ad LURES (invite; entice) subway riders to the island's clear Caribbean waters and white sand. I wonder how many COMMUTERS (people traveling from home to work/school) actually booked tickets to Aruba after seeing this ad. I remember wanting to go, myself, as I STARED (look at for a long time) at the ad in my winter coat in the middle of January. Apparently, flamingo sightings are likely when you WANDER (roam; walk) around the island and even when you go somewhere OFF THE BEATEN PATH (away from busy, touristy areas). 

Have you been somewhere warm, relaxing, and OFF THE BEATEN PATH lately? We'd like to hear from you and even CHECK OUT (see; examine) your photos. You can tell us about it here at the small blog, on the small guide site page on Facebook, or on my page on Twitter.  

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