Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TT4BS /i/

In this TongueTwisting4BetterSpeech pronunciation lesson, we will practice the long vowel sound /i/. As usual we practice the words first, then we'll practice the sentences. You should exaggerate the sound when you practice to give your vocal apparatus a chance to get used to making the sound.

Listen carefully and repeat the following words:  
Feel, veal, beach, reach, mean
Please, leash, lease, tear, leave
Machine, detour, serious /'si ri ə
s/, ravine, breathe

Now, let's practice the tongue twisters.
1. Feel the heat, breathe, reach your peak, win the meet.
2. Please take heed. Being weak at the knees near a ravine is serious. Don't be a geek.
3. Pieces of meat get stuck in his teeth when he eats veal steamed with sesame seeds.

Great, folks. Nice job. Come back often to practice. If you're consistent, you will be producing the sounds of English easily and clearly. Good luck. Thanks for listening and practicing with me. This is Joe. You can follow me on Twitter @joeyu2nd and you can also be a fan of the small guide site on Facebook

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