Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This TongueTwisting4BetterSpeech pronunciation lesson is on the short vowel sound /I/. As usual, we'll begin with the words, then we'll practice the tongue twisters. Slowly first, then faster as you get used to making the sound.

the words:
Fit, sit, rich, bid, tin
Spin, trip, slip, cringe, bliss
Admit, pity, mistake, remiss, pillow

the tongue twisters:
1. His sis kicks pillows when she's pissed, spins at the gym to stay slim, and cringes when she wins.
2. Pity Jill's not fit; she admits she simply sits and knits.
3. Bill still slips, trips, and makes mistakes when he mixes a gin and mint in the sink. 

Alright, folks. Practice as much as you can. Come back anytime and try to memorize at least one of the tongue twisters so you can practice it anytime and wherever you are. Share us with your friends if you know anyone who could benefit from our lessons. This is Joe. You can follow me on Twitter @joeyu2nd. You can also be a fan of the small guide site on Facebook.

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