Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vocabulary in the news

Happy Valentine's Day
, everyone! I came across this article last week, saw some good vocabulary in it, and thought, what better day to share it than today. So if you like the idea of getting drenched in chocolate, check out the vocabulary below, then read the article to get some ideas--if not for today, then for next year. The title of the article is "10 great places to get drenched in chocolate" from USAToday Travel.

Drenched - very wet
1. We forgot our umbrellas, so we got completely drenched.
2. It was so hot outside; we were drenched in sweat every time we went out.

Gear up - get ready, prepare
1. They were gearing up to leave when we arrived.
2. Stores geared up for Valentine's day as early as mid-January this year.

Luscious - deliciously rich; pleasingly sweet (adj)
1. I was so full, but the desert looked so luscious; I couldn't resist.
2. When she bit into the peach, she found it was so sweet, juicy and luscious; she decided to buy another pound.

Edible - able to be eaten (adj)
1. He thought the decoration on top of the cake was edible, but it was actually plastic.
2. They picked edible plants when all their food was gone.

Run the gamut - include the entire range
1. The store's merchandise ran the gamut; it sold everything from computers to furniture, books to vitamins.
2. Participants of reality tv shows express emotions that run the gamut, including anger, sadness, and jealousy.

Adjacent - next to (adj)
1. The post office is just adjacent to the movie theater.
2. Living adjacent to a restaurant can be convenient, but it can also be noisy.

Indulgence - following your desire
1. Their uncontrolled indulgence in gambling caused them to go bankrupt.
2. Spas provide services that satisfy their clients' indulgences.

Again, you'll find these vocabulary words in the article "10 great places to get drenched in chocolate."

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