Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some vocabulary from a news article

Here are the vocabulary words from the article I posted on Facebook yesterday. Sorry for the sexy voice; I caught a cold this week, and I'm still nursing it. But I actually feel better today.

Gear up means to prepare or to get ready.
1. Students are gearing up for the coming semester.
2. I get excited whenever I gear up to go on vacation.

Take on means to accept a challenge.
1. Tom always takes on new assignments even when he's too busy.
2. Jim took on the winner of the hot dog eating contest; unfortunately, he lost.

Valiant means courageous or brave.
1. The NYPD is always looking for valiant men and women to join the police force.
2. His valiant actions at war earned him a purple heart.

A purple heart - a military award given for wounds received at war

Make it out to somewhere means to be able to get somewhere.
1. He hopes to make it out to Maryland for his niece's birthday.
2. Do you think you'll make it out to Colorado this year for some skiing?

Do whatever it takes means to do all you can to achieve something.
1. Sandra will do whatever it takes to finish her degree while also raising two kids.
2. He is doing whatever it takes to make his business succeed.

Pull off something means to succeed in spite of some difficulty.

1. He took the exam with very little sleep, but he pulled it off and got a 98%.
2. They did their best to finish the project on time; unfortunately, they weren't able to pull it off.

An upset means an unexpected win by an underdog.

1. The team and the whole community is hoping for a huge upset in the local high school basketball team's game against a formidable opponent from across town.
2. The incumbent mayor is popular, but many believe there's still a good chance the other candidate can pull off an upset.
underdog - the weaker team in a competition; the team that's not expected to win
formidable - impressive; strong; intimidating
incumbent - the person (usually a politician) who is in office during an election

Now that you're more familiar with these vocabulary words and phrases, why not check out the article again? It's not too long, and the words and phrases above are in the first three paragraphs. 

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