Sunday, February 19, 2012

TT4BS - /æ/

Welcome to another TongueTwisting4BetterSpeech. For this pronunciation lesson, we're going to practice the sound /æ/. To make this sound, you need to flatten your mouth and spread it outward. /æ/

Let's practice pronouncing these words. Remember to go slowly first and emphasize the sound, especially if it's not easy to make.
Cat, mat, sat, flat, lack
Tangible, manor, cranberry, dragon, grapple
Uncanny, kilogram, romance, understand, retract

Here are three tongue twisters for you to practice the sound /æ/.
1. The fat cat had an uncanny way of catching rats.
     [ had an /hædən/   schwa /ə]
2. Sam ran after the tram to escape the traffic jam.
3. He has to grapple with exams he can't understand.

Alright, folks. You should memorize at least one of these, so you can say it and practice whenever and wherever you are.

Thanks for practicing with me and the small guide site.
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