Tuesday, November 29, 2011

under the weather

I'm feeling much better now, but I've been feeling under the weather the past few days. It started on Sunday when my nose started to run, and I thought it was just the dry, cold air irritating my sinuses. Actually, I'm probably partly to blame because, while it could have been the weather that caused my nose to run, I think not eating well on Sunday and not getting enough sleep probably exacerbated my already poor condition.

My runny nose got worse on Monday, and after getting less than six hours of sleep, I woke up on Tuesday feeling awful. My nose dripped nonstop; my eyes were watery and red, and my breath was warm. Fortunately, I didn't have a fever. I considered calling in sick, and if I had had a temperature, I most likely would have done it.

Luckily, I gradually got better on Tuesday. With a healthy breakfast of apples and chicken soup, plus several Airborne tablets throughout the day, I slowly started to feel well. I woke up feeling significantly better on Wednesday, and today, I feel much better. I hate being sick, and I hate admitting that I'm sick, so I hope that's it for this winter.  

under the weather - not feeling well; sick
my nose started to run - my nose starting dripping
exacerbate - make something worse
call in sick - call your job to say you can't work for the day 
a temperature - a fever

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