Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's Thanksgiving!

I've been working a lot lately, so this long weekend is very special. It's my time to rest, reflect, and be thankful. First, I wanted to sleep in, which I did. Then my girlfriend and I went out for a walk, a very long one--longer than we had planned. We came back worn out and hungry but feeling refreshed. It's been a beautiful fall day in Brooklyn--a little nippy, but the sun kept us warm.

We're looking forward to a nice, quiet, small dinner with turkey (frozen and pre-cooked), stuffing, gravy, vegetables, and a chocolate desert--simple and without the fuss. Then there's a movie or two to watch. Later at midnight, we may head to Target to take advantage of some Black Friday deals. I never thought I'd participate in this shopping frenzy the day after Thanksgiving, but I found some bargains and we need some things at home.

I wish you all a good holiday. I hope you have the chance to rest in your own way, to reflect, and be thankful for the people and the things around you, your hopes and your dreams. Happy Thanksgiving!

sleep in - wake up late
worn out - exhausted; very tired
nippy - a little cold; chilly
look forward to - can't wait for something; long for something
fuss - bother; hassle
head (to) - go somewhere
Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving when many stores have sales or marked-down prices
deals - bargains; good prices
frenzy - busy excitement; craziness

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