Wednesday, July 27, 2011

shortchange (v)

1. You are shortchanging yourself if you don't study or get the most out of a course.
2. It felt like we got shortchanged at the restaurant. Our portions were much smaller than the dishes at the next table.
3. The merchant shortchanged them out of one hat. He'd said he'd give them 5 for $10. On the other hand, it may have been an honest mistake.
4. Everyone thought Bill got shortchanged out of a promotion. People in management just suddenly changed their minds.
5. If you have a gym membership and you don't go, you're shortchanging yourself.

To shortchange someone is to cheat or deprive someone. Shortchanging yourself means cheating or depriving yourself of what should be yours. This phrase is similar to selling yourself short and most of the time, the two phrases are interchangeable.

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