Monday, November 22, 2010

That just doesn't cut it.

When something just doesn't cut it, it means it's simply not good enough. Because it's not good enough, you usually have to do it again until it meets someone's approval or some kind of requirement. This expression is usually used only in the negative.

like this:
1. You have to rewrite this essay and correct the mistakes if you want it published. Right now, it just doesn't cut it.
2. Read a news article at least three times if you want to improve your English. Once just doesn't cut it.
3. We have a very picky client who only wants the best. I don't think what we have here is going to cut it. Let's try another color or design.
4. Let's make two turkeys this year. We have a lot of guests for Thanksgiving dinner. I don't think one's gonna cut it.
5. Nice job, everyone. Really. But if you want your college applications to stand out, getting a B just doesn't cut it. You'll have to aim for an A. So study harder.

Alright, everyone. Remember, if you want to improve your English, merely understanding just doesn't cut it; you have to practice.

Good luck!
Joe Yu
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