Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cutting someone some slack

This expression means not being so strict with someone. The word slack can mean loosening your pull on a piece of rope. You can pull a rope tight or you can give it some slack. So when you cut someone some slack, you loosen your hold on the person. You're not as tight and, therefore, not as strict.

like this:
1. If someone makes fun of how the turkey that you cooked is too dry, hopefully jokingly, you can say, "Will you cut me some slack? This was my first time cooking a turkey."
2. When a coworker is giving the new guy a hard time, you can say, "Cut him some slack, will you? It's his first day on the job."
3. If your wife gets angry because you're 30 minutes late, you can say, "You're going to have to cut me some slack; there was a lot of traffic on the freeway."
4. If you want the new employee to learn his job fast, you can tell the trainer, "Don't cut him any slack. Make sure he learns the job well."
5. If your friend gets very upset because you dropped his flatscreen TV, you can tell him, "Cut us some slack! It's snowing outside!"

Alright, if you are angry with someone right now, think about cutting the person some slack. He or she may have a good excuse. No, this is not a therapy session; I just want you to practice some English.

Until next time.
Joe Yu
the small guide

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