Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the offer still stands

the offer still stands - the offer is still good; you can still take advantage of the offer.

You use this expression when you've offered your help or your services to someone, but this person still hasn't taken advantage of it. If you tell this person that your offer still stands, it means that you meant it when you said that you would help him move to a new apartment, for example, or drive him to the airport or help him with his English homework. He should, therefore, take advantage of it.    

like this:
1. I might need a ride to the airport after all next week. Does your offer still stand?
2. Seriously, the offer still stands. Anytime you need help moving, just let me know. I'll come over and help.
3. I might ask Tim to help me with math. He told me before he could help. I hope his offer still stands.

Have you ever offered to help some friends with something, with homework or with painting an apartment, for example? If you still want to help, let them know. Give them a call; tell them you're still available, and say the offer still stands.

Good luck!
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