Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get on my nerves

This is another way of expressing your annoyance at someone or something. When someone or something gets on your nerves, you probably want to stay away from it or from that person.

like this:

1. I like John, but he really gets on my nerves whenever he starts telling me what to do. He's not my boss after all.
2. I didn't mind having to fill out the forms for the clients at first, but eventually it got on my nerves.
3. Sue and Tom were perfect roommates in the beginning. Now she's asking him to move out. I think he's getting on her nerves.

Alright, folks. Think of something or someone that bothers you. Say what it is. (Yes, actually say it out loud. Remember, practice makes perfect.) Then complete the sentence: This really gets on my nerves because ...

Have fun.
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