Monday, May 18, 2009

pet peeve

Do you have a pet peeve? Most people do. A pet peeve is a specific thing that other people do that really ticks you off (makes you angry).

A common pet peeve is when someone cuts in line at the post office or at the grocery store. For some, their pet peeve is when people talk too loudly on the train. If you're a parent, your pet peeve might be when your children don't put away their clothes. One pet peeve of mine is when people cough without covering their mouths.

You can say "my pet peeve is when ..." then describe the specific thing that ticks you off. You can also describe the situation first, then say "that's a huge pet peeve of mine."

like this:

A: I just saw a guy pick his nose on the bus. It was so disgusting.
B: Tell me about it. That's a huge pet peeve of mine, especially when you're sitting next to the person.
A: That's so gross. I can't stand it either when people sneeze without covering their mouths.
B: Oh yeah. That's my pet peeve, too. And there's a lot of that on the subway. Do you know another pet peeve of mine?
A: What?
B: People who play their music so loud you can hear it through their headphones.
A: I hate that, especially when you're so tired you just want your commute to be as quiet as possible.

So, what's your pet peeve? Think of things that other people do that really tick you off. Is it a cashier who is rude? Is it when someone is being lazy at work? Is it when people walk their dogs and don't pick up their poop off the sidewalk? Now that is a huge pet peeve of mine.

tick you off - make you angry
Tell me about it. - an expression that means "I completely agree." or "I know exactly what you mean."
commute - your trip from home to work or to school and back

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