Tuesday, May 12, 2009

get to it

Yesterday, we learned to use let's get to it, which we usually say when we're about to do something together with another person or a group of people to do an activity.

Have you used this phrase so far? Try it with someone. You can say, "Are you ready? Alright, let's get to it!"

We can also use get to it to talk about the past, the future, or with a modal verb. We do this when we want to talk about starting an activity and often when it is kind of difficult or inconvenient, such as when we are busy.

like this:

A: I had to write an essay for a class, but I was so busy all weekend, I never got to it. (I was never able to do it.)
B: I was really busy, too. I had a lot of homework, but I didn't get to it until late Sunday night. (I wasn't able to do it until ...)

A: Hey Paul, have you taken out the garbage?
B: Not yet. I'll get to it later. I'm studying for a test right now. (I'll do it later.)

with a modal
1. My boss wants me to start this project, but I can't get to it now. I'm just so swamped! (I can't do it now.)
2. Your mother's waiting for you to do the dishes. You'd better get to it as soon as possible. (You'd better do it ...)

swamped -- very busy

Alright, the best way to learn is to use it, so say get to it as much as you can in the next couple of days. The more you practice, the more confident and comfortable you'll be using it.

Good luck!
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