Thursday, May 2, 2013

Morning jog to the subway

The last intersection I have to jog across before heading down to the subway.

I'm always running late in the morning. One day, I was so late that I had to run to the subway to make a train because the next one would have been too late. I was OUT OF BREATH and had to stop once or twice to CATCH MY BREATH. I HUFFED AND PUFFED as I held on to the straps of my backpack, which is always full and heavy.

Since that morning, I've been jogging to the station every day. Now, I do it because it has gotten easier. I don't huff or puff anymore, I'm no longer OUT OF BREATH when I get to the station. In fact, walking now feels too slow, and I've realized that the short jog is actually a good WORKOUT, and I feel like I'm IN better SHAPE. I didn't realize how OUT OF SHAPE I was until I found out I couldn't run a short distance without huffing and puffing. I'm finding out how amazing it is that just a tiny bit of exercise can make a significant difference.

OUT OF BREATH - having a hard time breathing
CATCH ONE'S BREATH - trying to breathe better
HUFF AND PUFF - breathe heavily
A WORKOUT - an exercise routine
IN SHAPE - physically fit and healthy 
OUT OF SHAPE - not healthy; weak

How do you KEEP IN SHAPE with a busy schedule? Do you set aside time to work out or do you work out a little bit throughout the day?

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