Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Getting a kick out of something

I GOT A KICK OUT OF reading this sign at a cafe inside Grand Central
Station and seeing people pay just 5 cents for coffee. There were
 long lines of customers taking advantage of the offer.

I'm so busy these days that I GET A KICK OUT OF DOING anything out of my routine. Last Friday, I stopped by Grand Central Terminal in New York City to check out its anniversary celebrations. The train station turned 100 years old last weekend, and to COMMEMORATE (officially remember) this MILESTONE (important event), some stores and restaurants inside offered 1913 prices for some items. I had a bar of fudge for 27 cents in the Grand Central Market. Some shops offered coffee for 5 cents and bread for 6 cents. I definitely GOT A KICK OUT OF handing the cashier three DIMES (ten-cent coins) for something that would have cost about two BUCKS (dollars).

GETTING A KICK OUT OF something means to find enjoyment in something. This expression can be followed by a noun or a gerund (verb+ing). You can GET A KICK OUT OF a friend's jokes, or you can GET A KICK OUT OF listening to a friend's jokes. So what do you usually GET A KICK OUT OF?

On Twitter, I shared that I GET A KICK OUT OF hearing students use new vocabulary and idioms correctly when they are speaking or writing, and I love it when students, themselves, GET A KICK OUT OF using new words and expressions that they just learned in class. It's more fun, and you're more likely to remember your lessons if you have fun with them. So, I hope you GET A KICK OUT OF learning and using the vocabulary and the grammar that you're studying.

1. The kids are GETTING A real KICK OUT OF the clowns at the party.
2. She GOT A huge KICK OUT OF unwrapping the present we gave her yesterday. She spoke about it all day today.
3. You should come see the show! We think you'll GET A KICK OUT OF it.

I work just a few blocks from Times Square, but I hardly ever go there.
When I do, I GET A KICK OUT OF seeing the huge digital billboards and
huge tv screens, which seem to get brighter and brighter every time I visit.

New York Transit Museum train exhibit
I also GOT A KICK OUT OF this model train exhibit at the New York
Transit Museum inside Grand Central Terminal. The trains run on three
levels, and the landscapes include urban, suburban, and the mountains. 

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