Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chip in

To chip in means to contribute to some cause or project. You can chip in $5 for an office party or chip in to get a coworker a birthday present. You can chip in with your talents, skills, or expertise; you can also chip in with your opinions during a discussion. In addition, when you volunteer or help out in some way, you're essentially chipping in.

These days, it's increasingly common to be asked to chip in online to help a cause, and people are chipping in to support their favorite organizations. For example, if you care about the environment, you've probably chipped in a few dollars to help preserve it. So, do you chip in on a regular basis? What causes are you passionate about? Have you been asked to chip in lately?

Here are more examples of how and when we chip in.

1. During campaign season, many supporters chip in huge amounts of money to help their favorite candidates win.
2. Alright, folks! We need everyone here to chip in so we can finish this quickly and we can all go home.
3. Times are tough for Sarah and her kids, so when her car broke down, we all chipped in to get it fixed.
4. We need as many ideas as possible, so everyone, please chip in if you have any good ones.
5. The manager sometimes calls and asks them to come in on the weekends to chip in when it's busy.

expertise - something you are good at or an expert in
essentially - basically; mainly

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