Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I've been thinking about clutter a lot lately. I don't like it, but I see it quite a bit these days. Clutter the noun is synonymous to a mess and is pretty much any disorganized collection of things especially if they're strewn across a space or an area. As a verb, to clutter means to make a mess, and as an adjective, a cluttered space is a messy space.

If you are organized, you probably detest clutter, but sometimes it's inevitable. If you live in a tiny apartment, like I do, it's very easy to accumulate stuff and get your space cluttered. When you're busy, for example, you may not have time to sort through the mail or keep stuff on a shelf organized; things pile up quickly and before you know it, you have clutter everywhere.

Clutter can also affect someone's thoughts or someone's life. Worries and problems can clutter your mind and keep you from concentrating. Similarly, if your life is cluttered, you may be having a hard time moving forward with your goals and dreams. Psychologists say that a cluttered house is a reflection of a cluttered life, and vice versa, but that's a whole other topic for another blog. Bottom line, clutter has to be cleaned up. Do you have clutter around you? If so, I hope you find the time and energy to clean it up.

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clutter - a mess
quite a bit - a lot; not just a few times
strewn - scattered; spread [strew, strewed, strewn]
detest - hate; loathe
inevitable - unavoidable
accumulate - add up; gather
sort through - go through; check & organize
pile up - accumulate; one on top of another
the bottom line -  the main message or reason

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