Monday, December 5, 2011

from here on out

1. From here on out, the teacher won't let latecomers enter the classroom 15 minutes after the class starts.
2. He said he'll watch his spending and stick to his budget from here on out in order to improve his financial situation.
3. She won't take a taxi from here on out to save money. She'll take the train or the bus, instead.
4. She got so angry with Tom, she said she would never invite him to a party from here on out.
5. I'm so sorry I broke your camera. I'll never use it without your permission from here on out

The expression from here on out means starting now or from now on. When you decide to do (or not to do) something from here on out, you decide to start doing it (or not doing it) now and into the future. 

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