Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Have got it made

1. Todd's got it made. He's now the store manager, so he doesn't have to get to work so early.
2. Since they won the lottery, they've moved into a huge mansion and hired servants. They've definitely got it made.
3. Mike had it made, but he blew it. He had the best job, but he got fired because he often called in sick.
4. Their 16-year-old thinks she'll have it made once she gets an iPad.
5. I think travel writers have got it made. They get to visit places and write about them for a living.

If you have got it made, you're in a good, favorable situation. Notice the form of the past tense, had it made, in number 3, and the future form, will have it made, in example number 4.

blow it - mess up; ruin the situation
for a living - as a job

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