Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tongue twisters now at the small guide site!

We recently rearranged our design at the small guide site and added tongue twisters with audio! We're starting with 8 sounds with more on the way. If you'd like to see a particular sound first, just head to our new Exercises page and fill out the quick form. Alternatively, you can email me at joeyu@thesmallguidesite.com

Also new is our latest Try This! exercise and a continuation to our story. This time it's dinner at John and Tabitha's to celebrate John's getting a job. An accompanying dialog among four people is their dinner conversation, which can be used for practice.

Our Spread the Word! section now includes posts on Words of the day (WOTDs), idioms, and other expressions.

Stop by the small guide site. Learn something. Improve your English.

All the best,
Joe Yu
thesmallguidesite.com  - Drop by. Learn something. Improve your English.

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