Monday, January 3, 2011

Try your hand at something

Trying your hand at something simply means trying out an activity to see if you'll like it or enjoy doing it. This is usually about an activity you've never done before and that seems interesting, enjoyable, or a good idea. However, if you've already done the activity in the past, you can just say you'll try your hand at doing it again. Perhaps this time, you'll succeed or will like it better.

You can try your hand at mountain biking or windsurfing when you're on vacation. In business, you can try your hand at buying and selling or Internet marketing. You can even try your hand at writing poetry or songs in your spare time.

like this:
1. We tried our hand at bread making over the holidays. We really enjoyed it.
2. Why don't you try your hand at cross-country skiing this winter. I think you'll like it.
3. He's trying his hand at web design again. This time, he bought some books, and he's thinking of taking a class at a local college.
4. She's a huge movie buff, so she tried her hand at screenwriting over her summer break and sold a script to a Hollywood producer.
5. Let's try our hand at using chopsticks; I think we can do it.

Have you tried your hand at anything lately? Remember, it has to be something you've never done before and that seems interesting or something that you'd like to try again to get better results. Let us know. Tell us about it here on the small blog, on Facebook, or on the small guide site.

Good luck.
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