Wednesday, December 22, 2010

keep it under wraps

Keeping something under wraps means keeping it a secret. We use this expression whenever we tell someone something that we want to stay confidential.

like this:
1. The staff will have to know about the recent changes, but let's keep it under wraps until we finalize everything.
2. Have you heard? David and Sandra got engaged. We have to keep it under wraps for now, though. She hasn't told her parents.
3. Don't tell Tom anything. That guy has a hard time keeping things under wraps.
4. Do you want to keep the plans for a merger under wraps for now?
5. He's working on a project that he wants to keep under wraps right now. He said he'd let everyone know once it's finished.

Are you keeping something under wraps from someone? Do you want to tell us about it? We won't tell. We promise.

Good luck.
the small guide

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