Tuesday, November 3, 2009

when it comes to

When it comes to that is another way of saying "when we talk about that" or "when we consider that." That can represent any topic or situation. For example, you can say when it comes to politics, I never know what to say, or he can tell you anything when it comes to sports, or when it comes to her grades, she gets very serious.

like this:

A: I need to open a savings account. I should start putting money away for my future.
B: I need to do the same. I'm so bad when it comes to saving money.
A: I'll have to watch my spending, though. I waste a lot of money on lattes and junk food throughout the day.
B: I usually make tea at home and bring it with me, and I don't eat much junk food. But I'm a huge movie junkie. I have a hard time controlling my spending when it comes to buying DVDs, especially if they're on sale.
A: It's really tough controlling spending when you're obsessed with something.
B: I know.

junkie - addicted; obsessed
obsessed - crazy about something

Alright folks, what do you enjoy most when it comes to travel or when it comes to parties? You can say when it comes to travel, I enjoy taking photographs or meeting people or ... When it comes to parties, I love trying a new dish or a new dance or ...

Make sentences that make sense to you, and practice.

Good luck.

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